Last Day Activities

Create a new Scratch game or add another level to your existing game
  • use broadcast (for levels) or variables (for scoring)
  • use sensing for Sprite interaction
  • check to see if your game is listed in the C4K Studio, if not add it
* OR you can work with Gamestar Mechanic to create a game

Create a games page on your Weebly site
  • embed at least one of your Scratch games and/or Gamestar Mechanic game (if you created one)
  • check to see if your website is listed here, if not add it to the mopad
  • make sure you are not sharing any personal info (last names, phone numbers, etc.)

Usability testing
  • find at least one Scratch game to review and provide constructive feedback via website
  • find at least one website to review & while author is watching, provide constructive feedback

Complete checklist for this camp

Complete feedback form for all camps

Create a Tapetricity card (if you want to)