Let It Snow

  • Download jquery.snow.js & save to your desktop
  • Upload jquery.snow.js to your Weebly site
    • Select Design
    • Edit HTML/CSS
    • Add new file(s)
    • Find file & select Open
    • Select Save. You will be asked to give your Design a name
  • Copy snow trigger code
  • Select Pages
  • Select the page you want to add snow to
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • Find the Header Code and paste code from MoPad into it
  • Select Save & Edit
  • Publish your site
  • Check out your snow!

Update Snow Effect

  • Edit jquery.snow.js with TextEdit (make sure you are in Plain Text mode)
  • Change snowflake parameters:
    • min size of snowflake, 10 by default
    • max size of snowflake, 20 by default
    • newOn - frequency in ms of appearing of new snowflake, 500 by default
    • flakeColor - color of snowflake, #FFFFFF by default
  • Follow steps above to upload jquery.snow.js to your Weebly site (first delete the old jquery.snow.js)

Create Digital Magic 8 Ball

  • Copy code from MoPad
  • Open JS Bin (this is like a sandbox for playing with code)
  • Paste code under HTML tab (replacing any code already there)
  • Experiment with changing text and image
  • Remember changing fonts & colors with CSS? Try that too!
  • Once you are happy with the results, you can copy this code and paste it into an Embed Code Element on your Weebly site

Learn more JavaScript

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